Internship Success: welcoming Dániel as a full-time team member

Barbal is delighted to announce, Dániel Benedek will be joining us full-time in a junior software engineer role. After a successful 2-month internship in Summer 2020, and progression to part-time whilst in his final year at Cardiff University, studying a BSc in Applied Software Engineering, Dániel will be joining us full-time basis.

Headshot of Dániel Benedek

Dániel is the second Cardiff University student that Barbal has successfully collaborated with during an internship. It is our pleasure to work with and help support so many great students, and we are thrilled to have Dániel join the company full-time.

Dániel began working with Barbal in May 2020 and immediately introduced a new dynamic to the team by becoming Barbal’s first overseas remote worker. Dániel lives in Hungary and has integrated seamlessly into Barbal’s culture and workspace.

Theo, Barbal’s marketing assistant, spoke to Dániel about his future with Barbal.

How has your experience with Barbal been so far?

It has been an exciting one and a half years for me so far. I was lucky enough to join a fantastic team of developers last May and get an insight into a small start-up that plans to solve an interesting problem with document collaboration. It has been such a great experience contributing to the product and seeing the real impact I’ve made with building the software.

I feel like being part of a professional team has had a massive impact on my knowledge and the support I have been given has improved the way I’m looking at problems today. It also helped me to appreciate and better understand the work that goes into building a maintainable software architecture for the future. For me, as a guy who is mostly interested in software architecture solutions, this was a huge thing to be involved in. Barbal has also been really good with flexibility, they have provided outstanding support during my time at Uni which I can’t thank them enough for. Being trusted in what I do is my first priority.

What are your future aspirations with Barbal?

Although I am only one and a half years in, I feel like there is still a long way to go and many problems to solve, but we have definitely come a long way and all that invested time has started to bloom results. In the next couple of years, I’m planning to further contribute to making Barbal an excellent product for our customers and users whilst devoting myself to become an expert in the software engineering and architecture field. I could not be in a better place to achieve this and with the support of the team, I feel like it can become reality.

Have you got any advice you would give to future interns?

As a former intern myself I would say that the approach I’ve learnt from the most was being curious. I assure you that there is no such thing as “stupid” questions and there is always something to learn from the answer. So I would recommend being open to asking questions and for help! Asking for help is one of the best investments in yourself, especially in the software industry where there are a lot of people with various skill-sets and experiences that they are willing to share with you. Don’t waste that opportunity.

Also, don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas and views with the team. The team is always open to new perspectives and there is a good chance that your idea is the way to go forward.

Anything else to add?

It is such an exciting time for Barbal and the software industry, and being a part of shaping both is something that I’m utterly grateful for!

Our View

We spoke to Dave Balderstone, Barbal’s CTO about Dániel’s journey with Barbal so far, “Dániel originally joined us for an 8-week internship before starting his final year at Cardiff University’s National Software Academy (NSA). He performed very well on his first assignment which automated the build of our development environment. Dániel then began contributing to sprints as a dev team member with small defect fixes at first. As he demonstrated his software engineering capability we were able to give him more complex tasks to complete.”

“At the end of the internship, we were delighted to come to an arrangement with Dániel where he continued working with us flexibly, while he completed his studies. It is clear that the course at the NSA has played a big part in Dániel’s ability to quickly add value to our dev team. Dániel is a valued team member with lots still to learn, but he clearly has also learned a lot in the time that he has worked with us. With the potential that we see in Dániel combined with the support that we are giving him, we are very excited to see what great things Dániel will achieve as his career grows with us at Barbal!”

Our next set of interns will be joining us soon and we hope to have as much success with them