Learner Collaboration: Barbal & Working Knowledge

It’s #learningatworkweek!

It’s #learningatworkweek and to celebrate we are speaking to our very own digital marketing assistant, Theo Tay-Lodge. In December 2020, Theo joined Working Knowledge’s digital marketing apprenticeship scheme. Working Knowledge is a digital marketing organisation that offers government-subsidised training to ensure businesses achieve a high standard of marketing.  We are going to catch up with Theo and see how he is getting on in his apprenticeship.

How has the apprenticeship affected your work at Barbal?

The apprenticeship has had a massive positive impact on my work. Personally, the two skill developments which stand out for me the most are increases in my self-confidence and creativity. Before I started the apprenticeship I would not have considered myself to be a creative person. The apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to express creativity in my writing and digital skills, whilst providing a real-time impact on Barbal’s business.  I have been lucky enough to have great collaborative support from both the team at Barbal and Working Knowledge. This support has given me greater independence and responsibility in my role at Barbal allowing for a reciprocal benefit from the skills that I am learning.

Could you highlight a success story?

For me, the most notable impact the digital marketing course has had was the success of our virtual event; The Bristol & Bath LegalTech Showcase.  Our marketing team coordinated and managed the marketing campaign across several social media platforms, created the design and branding for the event, and facilitated the virtual event on Zoom. The transferable skills and understanding of digital platforms and processes learnt from Working Knowledge’s digital marketing scheme assisted the successful execution of the event. Having the knowledge and confidence to use the multiple different digital platforms to successfully deliver an online event of this calibre was certainly assisted by the learning from the digital marketing course.

The purpose of this event was to increase visibility, create a collaborative space and facilitate a sense of community, whilst simultaneously giving South West LegalTech providers the chance to pitch their business to potential customers or partners. The seamless running of the event created extremely positive feedback from members from all of the South West legal sector who took part, with future events already in discussion. 

If you would like to watch the event unfold, the recording is on Youtube.

Anything else to add?

I would add that joining this apprenticeship has given me a new constructive outlook on my personal career progression and future at Barbal. I’m looking forward to enhancing my learning in digital marketing and applying this knowledge in the organisation. I would encourage anyone to consider an apprenticeship, it’s a fantastic way to gain transferable skills to gain more confidence in a working environment.