StandardsRepo is where the world comes for standards.

Whether you are a national or international standards body, writing company standards or an individual with an idea for a new standard, we provide the tools for you to produce better standards faster.

For standard users, we provide a global repository of standards that allows you to quickly locate relevant standards, monitor updates, annotate your personal copies and share them with colleagues.

Inspired by how software is built

Modern, agile software teams work in vastly different ways to any other sector. Tools, workflows and cultures allow for rapid iteration, embedded quality management and community-driven innovation that sees new ideas propagate globally at an incredible pace.

The open source and open standards communities have transformed how software is built by breaking down the barriers for anyone to contribute to software projects that change the world. Large institutional bodies provide the platforms for millions of individuals to distribute software that improves how people live, learn and work.

Our vision for StandardsRepo is to unlock the same outcomes through standards.

Through partnering with standards bodies to embed agile and open source workflows and providing the platform for anyone to be part of standards-making we are transforming how standards serve the world, businesses and people.

What about intellectual property and my existing processes?

Whilst we anticipate the world moving towards free, open source and agile standards, StandardsRepo can be deployed to meet your intellectual property and the governance requirements whilst providing a platform for better collaboration, more transparency and higher quality outputs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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