The word “digital” is everywhere and there is seemingly no end to problems that people are trying to solve with computers, mobile apps, platforms, the Internet of Things and the web.

As access to devices and the internet becomes ubiquitous using technologies to boost productivity becomes increasingly viable, but new problems can emerge. Technologies and language used gets ever more complex, isolating “lay people” from taking part in productive conversations about what technology needs to do or how it should behave.

The power of digital technologies is how they scale. Product development is expensive and the business case is often based on developing solutions that work for hundreds of thousands or millions of people. In such scenarios it is easy to feel powerless or trapped with compared to companies who do not listen or frustration with tools that don’t quite deliver what you need. Equally, there might be dozens of different tools that claim they solve your problems, but without testing each of them how do you know that they really do?

Facilating the conversation between technologists and problem owners

Standards are a way to achieve a collective buying power for technologies and processes. Developed by a groups of stakeholders representing the wider community, standards tell software vendors and others what qualifies as something you want to use.

Barbal’s standards consulting services specialise in being the conduit for people in traditional sectors looking to solve a problem with digital technologies using standards. We partner with community organisations and infrastructure organisations to produce lightweight standards that have impact.

Using our trademark Open Consensus™ approach we make sure that stakeholders are engaged at every stage of the journey so that the problems are addressed and the standard is adopted successfully.

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